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Easy-to-install, Plug-and-Play System

ER Flow specializes in crafting fan array systems for retrofitting aging belt-driven fans.

Provide us with the operation point of the old fan, the internal dimensions of the unit, and the power supply voltage. Our engineers will design an optimal fan array configuration for maximum energy efficiency and reduced noise tailored to your retrofit project’s specific needs.


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Mechanical Contractors

We offer a ready-to-use Plug & Play system with a complete automation package, instructions, and all necessary documentation for quick assembly. Everything is compactly packaged and designed for fast on-site assembly, allowing for swift delivery of components for equipment replacement. If necessary, our team will assemble the fan array and handle the electrical connection, supporting the retrofit implementation. 

Property Managment

For property owners, fan replacement can be carried out according to a planned schedule, without the need for expensive cranes and equipment. In most cases, there is no requirement for destructive changes to the building structure or costly room renovations. The work can be completed quickly and with a minimal number of personnel.

Custom AHU

Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies

High-quality replacement and retrofitting of old systems significantly reduce energy consumption costs, with the ability to quickly replace old fans and belt-driven fans with more energy-efficient EC fans certified by AMCA. Additionally, our company specializes in supplying custom components such as coils, energy wheels,  and core heat exchange control systems.

Fan Array Benefits

Easy Installation

Fan Array systems consist of small modules of EC fans, which are much easier to handle compared to a single large fan. EC fans can be easily moved and mounted within the fan modules of the array, allowing them to fit through doorways, staircases, and elevator openings.

Easy Control

A Fan Wall utilizing EC motors enables effortless control of the system, whether as a single fan within the fan array or as a wall of fans. Control can be done digitally or through analog 0-10V signals, and visual fan operation indicators may be included in some cases.


The quick payback period of these systems has been proven. The use of energy-efficient fans with EC motors, modern control systems, and optimal fan selection allows ER FLOW to achieve exceptional results in customer relationships.


An array of small EC fans prevents complete system failure in case of a motor breakdown. If one EC motor fails, the others can continue operating, partially replacing the faulty fan. The Fan Array can be equipped with a special baffle to counteract air recirculation.

Energy Efficiency

When selecting a fan array, the optimal fan combination is taken into account, resulting in significant energy savings of up to 50% per year and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Uniform Airflow

Even distribution of airflow throughout the system significantly enhances system efficiency.

Noise and Vibration

Fan Array systems utilize low-noise fans with significantly reduced vibration compared to large fans using belt drives.


Absence of dust and dirt caused by belt drives and reduced overall size and complexity. These factors are crucial for cleanroom applications.


Reduced maintenance costs and the need for cranes and other equipment for installation.

A Tale of HVAC Innovation and Collaboration

Once upon a time, in the world of HVAC technologies, there existed a modern-day rendition of the legendary “Romeo and Juliet.” The protagonists, founders of ER Flow, were former rivals working in competing Air Handling Unit (AHU) manufacturing companies since 2005.
For a decade, they engaged in fierce competition, vying for dominance in the market.

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The fan array design allows for removing the old fan and assembly of the fan array within one working day, minimizing the need to alter the patient’s medical procedure schedule. The fan array generates significantly less noise than a single fan, thus achieving energy efficiency while reducing noise.

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Energy Saving

To ensure the longevity of our AHU fan sections for buildings, our ECM fan arrays feature built-in redundancies. These fan arrays are easy to install, low-maintenance, and can operate seamlessly even if one fan fails, maintaining consistent air handling unit efficiency.



ER Flow is dedicated to providing educational institutions with reliable AHU fan arrays and components. Utilizing a fan grid instead of a single large fan leads to reduced noise levels and, consequently, improved acoustic comfort in the building.

Let’s Build Something Together

Rest assured, as experts in our field, we’re here to address any queries or concerns you may have

What is included in a ER Flow’s Fan Array?

The Fan Array system includes ECM fans (EBM-Papst, Zhiell Abegg, Swiss Rotors), galvanized steel panels, and a control panel for single-point power and control. Some options are available, including backdraft dampers and advanced controls with BMS (Modbus or Bacnet).

Are the Fan Array standard size?

No, the Fan Array is built-to-order, and designed specifically to fit the space inside the air handling unit. If there are access limitations, they can be accommodated in the design. 

How much does the fan weigh?

Depending on the fan and motor size, weight can range from about 24 lbs. to 298 lbs. If a job requires smaller or lightweight fans, that can be accommodated during the selection process.

Do you use any sort of vibration isolation on the wall mounting fans?

The fans are mounted rigidly in the array using a rubber insulation tape. Studies have shown that isolators can actually increase the levels of detectable low-frequency vibration.

How efficient ER Flow Fan Array?

The ER Flow fan arrays save energy compared to traditional AC fan systems by about 10 -13%, and they can pay for themselves with energy-saving in less than two years.


Customized Delivery Solutions

We recognize that each project is unique, and your delivery requirements may vary. That’s why we offer customized delivery solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require expedited delivery, specialized handling, or on-site installation support, we are here to accommodate your requests and ensure a seamless delivery process.

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