ER Flow specializes in supplying specialized heat exchangers for various HVAC applications. We can select and calculate the appropriate heat exchanger based on your specific requirements and provide them as part of a complete Fan Array package.

Hot Water Coils

Tube-and-fin heat exchangers consisting of 1–4 rows with typical entering water temperatures between 120˚-180˚. As cold air passes across the coil and contacts the hot fin surface, heat transfer occurs.


Chilled Water Coils

Tube-and-fin heat exchangers usually consisting of 4–12 rows of tubes that pass through sheets of formed fins bonded through tube expansion with entering water temperatures ranging from 40˚-55˚.

DX Evaporator Coils

Designed to be used in air-side applications for cooling, heating and dehumidifying with various circuiting options, as well as face split and intertwined designs.

Steam Coils

Designed for medium temperature applications where the entering temperature is approximately 55˚or higher with many material construction options to accommodate all steam pressures.

What Do We Offer?

You can achieve savings of 30 to 50% when compared to OEM solutions. We offer solutions for the needs of commercial air handling units and retrofitting. Whether you require a chilled water coil, hot water coil, steam coil, steam distribution coil, condenser coil, or evaporator coil, ER Flow provides a product range for retrofitting.

Reach out to ER-Flow with your inquiries; we work in partnership with you to achieve outstanding results. Our team of experts is always ready to offer prompt and professional assistance in selecting the ideal heat exchangers that suit your needs.

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