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Once upon a time, in the world of HVAC technologies, there existed a modern-day rendition of the legendary “Romeo and Juliet.” The protagonists, founders of ER Flow, were former rivals working in competing Air Handling Unit (AHU) manufacturing companies since 2005. For a decade, they engaged in fierce competition, vying for dominance in the market.

Fate had a peculiar plan in store for them. One day, at the largest European HVAC exhibition in Milan, they unexpectedly crossed paths. What seemed like a chance encounter turned into a pivotal moment. During a brief conversation, they discovered numerous shared interests, leading to a transformation of their rivalry into a strategic partnership.

Rather than abandoning their individual companies, ER Flow’s founders became suppliers of essential components to each other, elevating the efficiency and quality of their respective products. This unique collaboration set them on a new trajectory toward success.


However, their journey was not without challenges. The full-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine intervened, compelling both founders to find refuge in the United States. In 2022, they made a momentous decision to establish a joint venture and bring their European energy-saving expertise to the American HVAC market.

Thus, ER Flow was born, becoming the bridge between Europe and America. Committed to adhering to industry standards like ASHRAE, NEC, UL, and AMCA, the company introduced European ECM fans and intelligent control systems to the American retrofit market, bringing innovation and efficiency to the forefront.

ER Flow’s story serves as a living testament to the power of transforming competition into collaboration and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Through relentless dedication and adherence to the highest standards, ER Flow continues to shape the future of HVAC technologies, offering cutting-edge solutions to its valued customers.

Only the Best


Energy Efficiency

The application of ECM technology allows for the optimization of electricity consumption while providing superior performance



The failure of one fan does not result in a complete system shutdown


Ease of Retrofit

The modular design allows for upgrades in confined spaces or on rooftops without access to cranes

Years Experience in AHU

Custom and Semi-Custom AHU

Years Experience with EC Fans

Years Experience with ERV

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